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paper n stitch

paper n stitch is a monthly curated website that features items from lots of great artists and designers.  I was invited to be in the first ever collection.  Go take a look around, there are 85 participants!  Don’t forget to … Continue reading

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Rude PDF Mag Feature

Check out RUDE magazine. I’ve got a several images in it & a nice inteview (translated here for those who can’t read russian). The other work is also inspiring—check out the back issues too.

1. Hi, Brandi, can you give us an introduction of yourself?
I’m 22 and i like sunny days, one-on-one conversations, and glue.

2. How do you describe your work?
My work is primarily mixed media collage. I make little stories out of unrelated things.

3. What do you like best in creative process?
Free association, stream of consciousness, and sweet intuition. I don’t begin with ideas but when a piece is finished the idea reveals itself–it’s like opening a present.

4. Who would you like to be if not an artist?
I’d be an astrophysicist or quantum physicist. I’d study supergalactic and subatomic things!

5. Do you have concepts for your works?
A lot of my work is about science. Discovery and observation. Humans have always wondered at nature and it’s the source of my inspiration.

6. Who would you name as your authority in art?
Authority in art is a contradiction.

7. What do you have no time for?
Artist’s statements.

8. Who would you like to collaborate with and why?
The dead ones:
Bill Hicks, Ray Johnson, & Egyptian tomb painters.
The movers and shakers:
The Books, Leah Giberson, & any master Japanese printmaker.

9. Who or what is your enemy?
Walmart and logic.

10. What’s next for Brandi Strickland?
I’m taking some time off from school to clear my head, but eventually I want to earn an MFA. I’ll live in a big lovely city and make art all the time.
When I’m older I’ll move back out to the country so I can have a dog and see all the stars. I’ll still make art all the time.

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